Who would have thought the tax man is on our side?
A special provision in the tax laws offer a 100% tax benefit for investing into funds run by Section 12J Venture Capital Companies. How sweet is that?

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Higher tax not all bad
An unintended consequence of the recent increase in the top tax rate for individuals is that significantly more money could flow into venture capital. The Section 12J tax incentives offer a sweet deal to these high-income earners.


Aim for solid, not for Snap
Skills can be more important than finance for startup businesses to grow. So it’s no surprise then that mentorship and business acumen are part of the package deal that VCs bring to the table.


12J companies: opportunity for SMEs?
A contortion of the 12J tax incentive offers an opportunity for broader, and more structured, enterprise development to happen. A model is emerging that allows companies to pool their ED spend into funds that can have larger impact.