Take charge of your brand story

Did you cheer the demise of traditional media due to digital disruption? Did you also consider this a new age for marketing and communications characterised by unfettered access to tens of thousands of potential customers?

Never before have we had such direct, immersive and exciting opportunities to interact with customers.

Unfortunately, ‘ease of access’ is not quite the same as ‘easy to do’.

To cut through the clutter, to rise above the noise, to have your voice heard takes some doing.

This ‘doing’ was done by journalists who had become our everyday storytellers.

Distilling the facts, analysing the motives and consequences. Unpacking the who, what, why, when, where and how of a story allowed us to cobble together a fair reflection of what was happening and why it was important.

These exact same skills can be harnessed to elevate a brand’s story in an authentic, responsive way.

Every brand has a story to tell

Your story is a very different animal to your sales pitch. The former produces a connection between you and your potential customer, while the latter converts that potential into a buying action. The one cannot exist the other.

You have probably adopted a narrative approach to your marketing communications without fully realising this.

The advantage that we have now is that digital channels promote a more immersive, shareable, likeable way to communicate that story.

Video, for example, is considered the medium that brands should be focusing their energies on. This makes absolute sense considering shorter attentions spans and the many ways that short, incisive videos can cut through the clutter.

A story, well told, has the power to change hearts, allows people to see a situation from a different viewpoint, and encourages them to share it.

The clamour for attention is only going to get fiercer. Are you able to tell your story clearly?