M&A activity is maybe not at the highest levels we’ve seen, but there are good deals to be made in tough time. Some may argue it’s the best time to be picking up assets.

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Banking on buoyancy
If the month of October 2016 was a measure of corporate activity, the sector could easily be described as buoyant. This two-deal exuberance — AB InBev’s monumental take-over of SABMiller and Blue Label Telecoms’ R5.5bn deal to buy 45% of Cell C — does however point to a level of intensity bubbling under the surface of a generally sedate year.

Africa offers rich rewards
With the local economy expected to show muted growth over the next few years, it is not surprising that a growing number of SA corporates are looking beyond our borders for earnings. Expanding into Africa is by no means a walk in the park, and there are enough corporate warriors with burnt fingers to attest to that, but those who are able to do so successfully tend to be richly rewarded.

When financial services firms get clever
Digital disruption is a reality that industries ranging from telecommunications and transport to holiday accommodation have had to grapple with over the very recent past. One of the next targets in the sights of disruptors is the financial services sector.