Corporate Tales

Here's a challenge for you: Are you confident enough to acknowledge that your story is more authentic when it's not about you?

To remain 'real', your brand story should allow your customers to assume the role of lead character.

After all, without them you don't have a story.

Corporate Campaigns

In the absence of story, your product or corporate marketing campaign is more likely to contribute to the noise, rather than cutting through it.

Storytelling allows you to build unique stories around messages you want to accentuate without interfering or diluting your core brand messages.

Build Community

What better way to build a community than immersive and interactive digital media to connect with your customers?

Keeping them engaged demands a relatable story they can buy into, and feel enthused about.

The right mix of content creation and curation are the tools you need to accomplish this.

Reputation + Position

A compelling story is always beneficial when creating conventional corporate content like news releases, thought leadership articles and speeches.

These skills are still essential to raising a brand's message above the noise. The growing clamour for attention demands that messages, stories and viewpoints are crafted more clearly and effectively than ever before.

Web Content

What is the first place you turn to if you need to find out about a person or company?

The web, right?

What better place to start telling your story in the right way than on your website?

Contact me for references to companies that are telling their stories in compelling ways.